How to Word Your Website Content to Make an Impact

The content of your website is important. It’s what makes people decide to buy your products, sign up for your newsletter, buy a membership and everything else you want your visitors to do.

Make Your Website Content Stand Out
In order to make an impact, you want your content to jump out of the screen and pull the user in, slap them in the face or however else you plan to get their attention (maybe in a slightly less hostile manner).

Choose the Right Words
How you word your content is important. Don’t use jargon or fancy marketing-speak. People are smart. They will see right through what you are trying to do. Be direct with your message, but don’t forget to tell the story. You can spend all day telling me about how awesome your products are, but what does it matter to me?

On the other hand, you can quickly list off the top features and benefits of your products, but if you don’t explain the value to your customer, you haven’t made an impact. Telling a story around the information can help.

This video is a perfect example of how the words you choose can make a difference.

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