Website Redesign Results in New Lead within Four Days of Launch

Quality Power Solutions (QPS) has been providing companies with backup power solutions for their mission critical environments since 2002. QPS has experienced a steady and healthy growth since its inception. The key to their success is their dedication to providing excellent customer service and support. QPS began to realize that their website and online presence no longer represented the type of quality service they provide. They approached Acumium earlier this year to help them turn their website into a revenue generating channel that matched their company values and service.

Although the project was a website redesign, Acumium incorporated many rebranding techniques to ensure QPS captured and addressed their target audience. This led to the development of new sections and content on the site that spoke directly to their audience.

In order to reach their goal of making their website into a lead generation tool, the new website design includes more customer service options and lead generation opportunities. QPS now has online chat, a maintenance request form and an emergency click to call option via mobile.

Along with the rebranding and messaging, Acumium worked with QPS to create a digital marketing strategy to strengthen the new website post-launch. Acumium used the rebranding techniques to plan strategic content segmentation and targeted messaging for post-launch digital marketing tactics such as email marketing, paid advertising and social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, to reach key decision makers.

Mike Bergum, Sales Account Manager, says, “Acumium was a great choice for us. They have been extremely helpful throughout this whole process. We are very pleased with our new site, and happy to report we received our first lead just four days after launch.”

Heather Timmerman, Director of Digital Marketing at Acumium, adds, “QPS has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are open to trying new digital marketing strategies and have been collaborative throughout the entire process, which is key to a successful website build, and the ongoing digital marketing strategy post-launch. Developing a new website is really only the first step to marketing your business.”



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