VeriSign Scheduled to Transfer to Norton in Early April

As you may or may not know, online security company Symantec acquired the VeriSign identity and authentication services in August 2010. Since that time, Symantec has spent a lot of time creating a business plan to best move the company into the future.

Within the next few weeks, Symantec will be combining their VeriSign and Norton products’ strong points (VeriSign’s Trust and Norton’s Name) to create one of the most trusted consumer protection products in the market. Through their research, Symantec has found the combination of Norton’s name with the visual appeal and consumers’ trust in the VeriSign Checkmark will have the greatest impact for their customers’ success.

In April 2012, all VeriSign seals will automatically update to the Norton Secured Seal, combining the power of the VeriSign Checkmark with the value of the Norton name. The combination of these leading companies will help assure your customers that your website is safe – from search to browse to buy and sign-in.”- Symantec Corporation

Since many of our customers’ websites use the “VeriSign Trusted” logos, we want to make you aware of these changes to avoid any panic or concern once the new “Norton Secured” logo updates go live. This change will be automatic and does not require action by you.

You can find additional information on Symantec’s website here, Symantec’s online community dedicated to the update or the SSL Store here.

We do want to invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this change. You can contact Blake Hoffmann at or 608-310-9700×521.

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