UWEBC: 5 Strategies Every Business Should Consider for 2015

The University of Wisconsin’s E-Business Consortium brought in the best in the business to speak on marketing, information technology and supply chain management for its 16th annual conference last month. The event offered its 650 attendees key advice for success in 2015. The event proved to be a very educational experience, Dan Costello, CEO-Founder of Acumium, and Jody Hartwig, Sr. Ecommerce Account Manager, shared what they learned.

1) We have the technology. And we need to use it. Online marketers need to leverage technology to build direct and meaningful customer relationships, and to enhance the customer experience.

2) Ask questions. Two questions to be exact. What is your team trying to achieve? And how will you know if you’ve done that? Once those questions have been defined, marketers and stakeholders must agree to take action.

3) Take a chance. Experimentation is the key to driving transformation within and outside an organization. Once you have answered those two questions and devised a hypothesis, test it. And if that hypothesis is proven valid you need to take action, because it is a waste of everyone’s time to measure and test something you do not plan to react to.

4) Your culture is your company. Cultural alignment is critical when trying to achieve any form of transformation. After you have tested and proven a hypothesis valid and have decided to move forward, the next step is to get your team on board.

5) Big data is here to stay. Marketers need to embrace big data and use it to find more meaningful insights in how we connect with customers, and make better decisions on how we can create compelling and profitable user experiences.



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