Trick or Treat? Will Your Display Ad Win You The Customer?

Halloween is almost here. You have multiple costume parties to attend and you want to win the “Best Costume” award. You know that if you stick to the classics, and do them well, you will win. You have a Marilyn Monroe for one night and Bride of Frankenstein for the next, but you don’t win. Why? Sometimes you can do everything by the book and the judges will pick someone else. The same principle applies to creating display ads.

You might think you have a great ad. You did your keyword research, and you’ve integrated them into well written copy. The ad is visually appealing and placed on the sites you think will produce the best results. Well, if you didn’t create that ad based on data, then you’ll get a trick rather than a treat.

First you need to collect the data, then it’s time to put together a killer costume that is sure to draw attention. There are still some classic rules to follow when creating ads, but keep in mind that the elements you use should be tested first.

You want a costume that makes people take a second look. You can do this by adding an attention grabbing image accompanied with simple, visually appealing text. Better yet, make that simple text a strong call to action. Your ad copy should cast a spell on potential customers, enticing them with a story that they can only find the ending to by clicking your ad.

It’s important to remember that no amount of magic will make your ad perform. Every ad performs differently on different sites. The only way to make sure you have a display ad that will work is by backing it with data. Listen to the data, test the ad and then retest it. After you’ve fixed one element of your ad, move on to the next element, because there will be something else that can be improved.

You can no longer rely on just the “classic” methods to win the customer click. The data is out there, and you should use it. Back your display ads with data and don’t end up with frightening results this Halloween.

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