Tick Tock – Are You Wasting Time on a PPC Campaign That Doesn’t Utilize Landing Pages?

Just like a clock, a successful PPC campaign requires a lot of moving parts. If the gears and levers do not match up and work together, then the clock is not performing as it should. Think of a landing page as a gear in a PPC campaign. It is a necessary part of any PPC strategy that wants to produce results.

So, why use landing pages? Every good marketer knows that there must be consistent messaging across all campaign channels. When you send potential customers to a landing page instead of an existing page on your site, such as the home page, you can tightly control the exact message and actions you want your site visitor to take. By creating a landing page that has the same messaging, look and feel as the campaign ad, and designing it to have a clear CTA, you can easily direct customers, resulting in higher conversion rates. Along with higher conversion rates, consistent messaging produces lower bounce rates, which will boost your quality score, increase ad rank and lower the cost per click.

But is a landing page strategy worth your time? Let’s say you decided to just send people to your home page instead of taking the time to create a landing page. Once a person gets to your home page they have many different routes to take to get the information they are looking for. If it is not presented to them right away, they will most likely leave your site and you’ll miss out on a conversion or a sale. Now, with a landing page, you can give them the exact information they were searching for and direct them immediately into your conversion funnel.

Landing pages also offer an excellent opportunity to A/B test your strategy. Test different versions of the design, messaging, color scheme, form fields, CTA, etc. Because landing pages are meant to focus on one message or offer, it becomes very easy to determine which tactics work and which don’t. By utilizing landing pages, you can experiment on a small scale. It will give you quick insight into what attracts your customers, saving you time and money before implementing any changes to your website.

Then what makes a good landing page? Well, I could easily write another article on optimizing your landing page, but there are a few tactics to always keep in mind. As I mentioned earlier messaging must stay consistent. The page should include keywords and phrases you are targeting, and there should always be a clear CTA. From our experience, your CTA should be prominent and above the fold.

Take the landing page we created for our client TruScribe as an example. TruScribe creates animated whiteboard videos. Since there are many uses for whiteboard animation, there are multiple audiences we can target, each with their own needs and benefits. To do this effectively, we set out to create PPC campaigns targeting each target audience and their unique needs. This means that each audience is directed to a unique landing page that specifically addresses how TruScribe is the solution they are looking for. These specifically tailored pages have proven to lead to higher conversion rates than a one size fits all landing page such as their homepage.

Landing Page Example 1 – Corporate Whiteboard Videos

Truscribe Corporate Training Videos

Landing Page Example 2 – Marketing Whiteboard Videos


Landing Page Example 3 – Whiteboard Animation

TruScribe Whiteboard Animation

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