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Sneak Peek – 4 Benefits to the New Google AdWords Interface

Recently at Google Marketing Next, a large conference hosted by Google, the search giant announced that the new AdWords interface would be rolled out by the end of 2017. As a Google Partner, Acumium’s digital marketing team has ... Read more

3 Reasons to Consider a Retargeting Campaign

Have you ever noticed after you've done some online shopping that an ad for the exact product you were looking for shows up on another website you’re visiting, such as Facebook? Well, that’s retargeting. Retargeting has ... Read more

How PPC Can Boost Sales for Top Ranking Organic Keywords

The layout of search engine results pages (SERPs) has changed significantly over the last couple years, even in just the last few months. There is now a heavy ad presence, including text and image shopping. In many instances, ... Read more

Is Your Low Daily PPC Budget Leaving Conversions on the Table?

If you're a Google AdWords advertiser you probably have a monthly as well as a daily budget for each of your campaigns. You may have arrived at your monthly figure based on what your company can afford, but ... Read more


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