It’s Good to Be Social, but Not too Social

There is no doubt about it, social media has become a staple of digital marketing. If you’re serious about expanding your business online, you need to have social in your strategy. But you don’t need to be on ALL of the social media platforms. Why? Well, first it doesn’t make good business sense. Each social platform was designed for different audiences with different purposes. Second, social media will not produce results if you don’t take the time to invest in a good content marketing strategy with relevant, engaging content. Which means the best approach is to identify the social media platforms that best fit your target audience, and invest your resources into doing a few well.


It seems everyone is on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean every company should be. People log on to Facebook for personal use, to interact with family, friends and brands they connect with. Facebook is effective for B2C companies, non-profits or charity organizations. If you have products to share, events to promote or causes to discuss, Facebook is a great platform to invest time engaging with the audience. For B2B companies, it’s a great way to show off your company culture and community engagement, but not the best place to talk business.


However, LinkedIn is a great place to talk shop. LinkedIn is a great social platform for B2B. It started as a place for job-seekers and employers to connect, and has evolved into a professional space to interact. It offers content ideas, knowledge about industry trends and solutions, and an opportunity to strengthen your brand by contributing to the conversations. And of course, a good place to find qualified employees.


Instagram is a platform that is dedicated to anything and everything visual. If you belong to retail, ecommerce, food or fashion, Instagram is worth your time. It’s a great way to showcase your product, but if you don’t have pictures to share on daily basis then Instagram is not for you.


Twitter caters to many different audiences. It’s used by professionals to share information and discuss hot topics. It’s used by journalists and media junkies as a way to share breaking news. It’s also used by consumers to follow brands and personalities they want to interact with. It’s a great way to share tips on recipes, fashion or lifestyle advice. But, with 284 million monthly active accounts, you need to make sure your content will catch some attention. We have some tips on how to do this.

Google +

Google + is best suited for B2B, local business and bloggers. Google + is the social side to Google, which means it’s connected to Google Places and Reviews, which is great for local SEO. Google has always been a source for knowledge, and that’s the type of content that should be shared. Share content about your industry, tips and product updates. Provide your followers content they can learn from.


Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is about beautiful imagery and inspiration. The major difference here is the audience. Pinterest’s audience skews female by 4:1 It’s great for businesses working within ecommerce, retail, food, fashion, travel and DIY.

Just like real social relationships, if you don’t work at them they will fade away. Having a social presence takes time and commitment to create useful content that people want to engage with. It’s not just about getting your customers to engage but maintaining a conversation. It requires strategic planning, content creation and user engagement. Take the time to figure out what social media platforms make the most sense for your business and dedicate time to performing well on a few social platforms instead of being mediocre on all of them.

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