Social Media Marketing: 5 Rules for Marketing to Teens

Remember the days of drive-in movies, My Space, CD walkmans, and maybe even eight-track tapes? Things go in and out of style very quickly, and it sometimes seems like you must change your marketing strategy as soon as you start it.

Your social media marketing will often change according to the demographics or communities you’re trying to reach. Perhaps no community is more reachable via online marketing than teenagers, but it’s a tricky game. Though the things that are important, exciting, and interesting to young people are always changing, these 5 things to remember when marketing to teenagers will help you achieve your outreach goals, stay nimble in a dynamic market, and get the most out of your online marketing strategy.

  1. The More Social the Better
    When people think about marketing to teens, they often jump right to social media. Young people spend so much of their time using the internet, talking about the internet, and thinking about the internet that it has become the obvious marketplace for teen consumers. The first step is acknowledging this, and approaching websites, blogs, and social media as an exciting opportunity rather than as a necessary annoyance. Incorporating them into your marketing strategy as primary efforts, not side projects, will help you better understand and reach teenagers.
  2. Produce Great Content
    Teenagers have great instincts. Any teacher or parent will tell you they are great at knowing when someone is being phony. That is why it is ever-important to produce honest, dynamic, and engaging content for your blog, website, or social media. They’re good at knowing when they’re being deceived or pitched to, and your marketing strategy will have to incorporate honest-to-god great content to keep them interested.
  3. Think Beyond Facebook
    While Facebook is still the overwhelming winner in generating clicks and page views, fewer and fewer teens are turning to it as their preferred media. Now that their parents, teachers, coaches, and bosses use Facebook, more and more teens are turning to sites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, and SnapChat. It’s important to find your potential teenage clients on their own terms, regardless of how hard it is to keep a handle on all the different sites, and within the online communities that they value.
  4. Get Mobile
    Teens in particular are using their phones to find content and to do business. Used to instant results when curiosity or inspirations strikes, teens want to use their smartphones to find information instantaneously. An unattractive, or unusable mobile site, or no mobile site at all, is a missed opportunity for a company with a marketing strategy focused on teens. It will be worth it to you to optimize your site, develop an app or develop a mobile version of your site.
  5. Convince the Third Party
    While teens hold a lot of power they often turn to a third party for direction, or even permission, to support a business. Your marketing strategy should look to partner with parents, clubs, schools, youth groups, sports teams, etc. The money teens spend oftentimes belongs to someone else, so make sure you can convince that demographic as well. Finding the balance of appealing to teens and being trustworthy for parents is where the real marketing strategy comes in handy.

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