So you think you are doing the right things?

Each of us may define our personal success differently, but in business, how we define success is more commonly understood: more prospects, opportunities and ultimately sales. Unfortunately, many businesses suffer from inadequate data tracking, analysis and clearly defined success metrics. As a result, their measurements are often misleading or misunderstood.

In our new series, “Measuring Success”, we will discuss several topics related to using an analytical approach to evaluating the success of such activities as making changes to your website or implementing various marketing tactics. We will also share our expertise in different testing methods and measurement techniques to ensure you are accurately measuring your company’s performance.

The Measuring Success series will focus on such topics as:

  1. Understanding Success Measurement
  2. Comparing Testing Techniques
  3. Tools for Testing and Measurement
  4. Website and Email Success Stories
  5. Creating your own strategic testing model

Our goal with this series is to show how measuring success is essential to the continued growth and improvement of any company.  In addition, we will outline an incremental approach you can employ to help your company’s continued measurement initiatives and growth.

We would like to hear from you so please join in the conversation by asking questions or adding additional insight.  If you would like help improving your measurement of success right away, contact us at or 608-310-9700 for a consultation.

P.S.  Mobile Just Got Serious!  Google’s acquisition of Motorola has made huge waves in the mobile market. (Apple is even scared)  In upcoming articles we will discuss ways to help your company take full advantage of this new mobile opportunity.

Click here to learn more about this $12.5 billion buyout.

P.P.S. News confirms it was a hoax!  Internet Explorer (IE) users are just as intelligent as non-IE users.

“Internet Explorer users are dumber” story was a hoax

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