Smooth as Silk: Amazon Releases Kindle Fire, Featuring Silk Browsing

The introduction of new browsers in the market tend to create quite a bit of buzz and Amazon’s Silk browser on their new Kindle Fire tablet is no exception.  Aptly named for the analogy of silk being made up of many individual threads to create a fine fabric, Amazon Silk is set to enhance the online experience for the consumer by offering an architecture of technology; resulting in a browser that is faster and more functional than anything we have seen.

The Kindle Fire will allow a user’s everyday activity to be cataloged and saved, utilizes cloud technology, and will be available at an affordable cost of $199.  This low-priced tablet allows for  broader consumership, unlike Apple’s more costly tablet.  With integrated storage, the limitless memory cloud allows users to watch over 11,000 streaming shows and videos, download thousands of books, music, and so much more.

Amazon’s leap into the world of browser providers will continue to put pressure on their competitors and online businesses to optimize the speed of their websites on mobile devices, specifically page load time.  The optimized Silk browser offers an opportunity for companies like yours to showcase faster loading websites by utilizing technology that will enhance Silk’s content rendering and streamlined page loading.  Slow page loads often causes a user to navigate away from a site, so it stands to reason that server-based acceleration could also mean accelerated sales.  In order to viably compete in the mobile market, your site should be optimized with some sort of Content Delivery Network (CDN).

At Acumium, we take great pride in our clients’ site performance, and we are excited to apply our knowledge of CDN to maximize e-businesses for the Fire and Silk. With a CDN such as Amazon CloudFront, you can optimize your website for speed, which will greatly help your user experience on any browser.  By coupling Acumium’s award winning platform structure with a CDN, we can ensure your SEO success and reduce bounce rates while increasing the user time spent on your website.

Expanded cloud services is being offered at an opportune time.  The research and advisory firm Gartner shows that smart phones and tablets will outsell PC’s for the first time this year.  Mobile commerce will only continue to grow, which means the user’s online shopping experience will continue to evolve. With the introduction of the Silk browser in conjunction with the Fire tablet, Amazon proves they are on the forefront of cloud computing.

The switch to the tablet takes the mobile revolution to the foreground of the handheld revolution, which ultimately requires websites to be mobile-optimized rather than mobile friendly. Though smart phones are the majority of the mobile users, companies are finding their new e-commerce sites are not effectively utilizing tablet technology as well as they would hope. Mobile optimized sites are necessary as there are now multiple screen space offerings which are not specifically optimized through mobile friendly sites.

Acumium is taking the mobile revolution on head-first in to offer one of the most effective handheld optimized platforms on the market. Now is the time to be thinking about what your mobile strategy will be in 2012.  The introduction of low-priced mobile products will continue to push the mobile influence and your company’s strategy should be aware of these changes. Though it is too soon to determine if Amazon’s Silk will be a true success or not, it is becoming quite obvious that mobile is here to stay.

The Kindle Fire ships on November 15.  Will your website be Kindle Fire ready?  We’d love to hear from you.  What are you doing to accommodate quicker browsing in the face of evolving technology? Is your website effectively using a CDN? You can reach us at (608) 310-9700 ext 521 or via email:


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