Are You Serious About Growing Your Online Business?

You’re a mid-sized retailer with an eCommerce site that produces enough profit to keep the lights on and the employees happy. Business is going well, but it could be going better. You run your website on a major open-source platform that offers so many features you’re not even sure which ones to use. But, it’s user-friendly, cheap and it helps keep you in business. You know your product is good and you want to grow your business. Seriously grow your business. You think it’s time to consult with a digital agency that will take the time to really work with you to build a modern site that will produce measurable results, but you’re hesitant about making the investment. So, how do you know when you’re serious about growing your online business?

You have clear goals. You know your business inside and out. You know who your customer are, where they are, when they buy and how they buy. You know the market and what channels are best for your product and audience. You have a clear definition of what constitutes success for your business.

You like measurable results. KPIs like revenue, traffic, conversions, and bounce rates – whatever metric you use, you know it’s important. Even if you don’t know which ones to be using, you know the tools exist and can be strategically used to analyze and improve your business. Either way, you find comfort in seeing tangible data to prove what you’re doing is working.

You’re not frugal with the check book. You understand you have to spend money to make money, within reason of course. A great site takes time. It requires research, development, testing and retesting. Having a few social media accounts might seem cheap, but it won’t be effective if you don’t have a good team to create useful, authentic content that encourages engagement.

You have an open mind. Maybe your customer base has changed and you’re not sure who to target, or the market has become more competitive, or you took a swing at Google Analytics and have no idea what numbers are important. THAT’S OKAY! A good digital agency will be able to help with that, but if you aren’t open to new ideas, your business will always be the status quo. Online marketing is an evolving industry that has endless opportunities for creative, strategic business plans. The digital world offers vast amounts of tools, platforms and resources that can be combined to make a specialized strategy to build your business.

If you’re ready to reach your goals, willing to take the time, make the investment and try new tactics, you ARE serious about growing your online business. A monthly subscription is no longer enough, it’s time to start looking for a digital agency.


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