Senior Ecommerce Director to Speak at Ignite 2015

Acumium to Share How to Plan for a Successful Ecommerce Replatforming

Senior Ecommerce Account Director, Jody Hartwig, will be speaking at Ignite 2015, the inaugural conference by Practical Ecommerce. Jody’s talk, Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Planning for Ecommerce Replatforming Success, will address the top reasons to replatform, key steps for making a replatforming a success and pitfalls to avoid. Jody will share with attendees the current state of the ecommerce industry and the necessity of a strong ecommerce platform to survive in the increasingly competitive online space.

Jody has worked in the ecommerce industry since 1998, and knows firsthand the struggles ecommerce businesses face when the time comes to replatform. She hopes her talk will help others feel more confident about their replatforming decisions.

When asked about the event, she said, “Ecommerce replatforming is a huge undertaking, scaling every section of the organization. There are many key decisions and risk factors that must be managed. I hope I can help companies that are currently considering a replatform to plan for a successful one.”

Ignite 2015 will take place on September 16-17 in Dallas, Texas. Ignite 2015 brings together industry visionaries and seasoned ecommerce entrepreneurs, who share critical insights on growing revenue, saving money, and succeeding in a hypercompetitive market. The conference will feature more than 30 in-depth sessions, 2 inspiring keynotes, and 8 networking events.



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