ProClip USA Scores Big With Their New Ecommerce Site

It’s finally here! The new ProClip USA website has made purchasing a phone mount for your car super easy.

If you are one of those people who puts your phone on the passenger seat or in the drink holder, ProClip’s two-piece solution keeps your phone front, center and secure. Hence, “no fumbling” when you hit the brakes or make a routine left turn.

Regardless of your device… iPhone, GPS, tablet or mobile business computer, ProClip now makes it easier than ever to find exactly the right mount.

Acumium feels proud to have scored a touchdown with this enterprise ecommerce website redesign. For more than 10 years Acumium has served as ProClip USA’s partner for ecommerce strategy, website development and digital marketing.

Our Game Plan – Simple, Mobile and Cool – Need We Say More?

  1. Make it Simple. ProClip USA offers a two-part mounting solution that is specific to the customer’s vehicle and mobile device. So, their website includes a product finder to make it extremely easy for customers to find the right two products for their car phone mount.
  2. Make it Mobile. For a company who sells mobile device accessories, it is essential to be mobile friendly for all business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) customers. A mobile first approach is the only way to go.
  3. Make it Cool. A modern website to match the “no fumble” brand is essential. A wider design was used to enhance the coolness factor…and for better usability on desktop, mobile and tablet too.

A Home Run for Businesses!

The new site showcases how their mounting solutions help commercial fleet and other types of businesses with custom, high-quality device mounting.

Built on Solid Ground

ProClip USA’s new site is built on Acumium’s GravityMarket™ Ecommerce Platform, a SaaS-based CMS that runs in Amazon’s AWS cloud. The platform accommodates complex integrations and functionality while remaining light-weight, fast, compliant to PCI and very scalable to meet high-demands and peak shopping needs.

Game Changing Results

  • Mobile Revenue: Increased 22%
  • Mobile Orders: Increased 30%
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate: Increased 25%
  • Paid Search Revenue: Increased 10.5%
  • Bounce Rate Dropped 10% Across Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

To shop ProClip USA’s amazing products, visit their (new) website today!

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