New Website Re-Launch for Rawhide Boys Ranch

New Website Design Brings an Updated Look and Streamlined Content to A Well Known and Established Non-Profit Organization

Acumium, a solution provider who helps businesses grow online by providing strategic e-business consulting and website development using their content management and eCommerce platforms, has launched a new website for Rawhide Boys Ranch.

Rawhide, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit organization that helps at-risk youth and their families lead healthy and responsible lives. They offer residential care and community based mental health services, among their many other programs and services.

The previous Rawhide website was designed and launched in 2007. Since then, their needs have changed. Rawhide has evolved and grown and so have the website tools that are available to them.

Tim Costello, Marketing Director of Rawhide, Inc. says “Acumium’s CMS platform will help us to further integrate with our CRM and outside vendors. It will also help place us on the national stage with our car donation and residential care programs. The website is also mobile ready to help us adjust to the exploding mobile device market.”

Acumium worked with Rawhide to launch an updated website, which aims to bring a more modern, warm and inviting design and to make the brand consistent through all outlets, including social media.

The new website simplifies and better organizes content with both top and left navigation in order to provide a better user experience. The homepage features additional content, such as YouTube videos, dealer-only auction information, Rawhide items for sale on eBay and upcoming Rawhide events.

Being a non-profit organization, the online donation capabilities were important for the new website design. The new site simplifies the donation process and makes it easy to give cash donations through PayPal, as well as car and boat donations in three quick and simple steps.

Christopher Uschan, Acumium’s VP of Marketing and Sales, has served the association and non-profit industry for over 15 years. He indicates, “It’s extremely important for non-profit organizations like Rawhide to keep their website updated and fresh if they want to compete online. This redesign makes a strong brand impression and should help them better connect their online goals to their organization’s mission.”



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