New Website for Hevi-Haul Improves Search Engine Rankings and Increases Leads

Lange Lift

Hevi-Haul is a current customer and long-time user of the AcumiumCMS™. We worked with Hevi-Haul to redesign the company’s two websites using the AcumiumCMS.


Hevi-Haul International is a manufacturer of moving skates and custom roller dollies for many industries across the world. Since 1938, they have been making “products that move the world.” Their custom designed and manufactured products are used to move anything from a heavy piece of machinery to an entire house.

We have been working with Hevi-Haul since 2003. Hevi-Haul uses the AcumiumCMS™ to manage two different websites, one for Hevi-Haul, and another for Lange Lift, a division of Hevi-Haul which manufactures industrial lift tables.

Hevi-Haul Before Redesign

Hevi-Haul Site Prior to Redesign


Although the websites had served Hevi-Haul well for many years, new technology, search engine updates and other developments across the web proved the design and site functionality needed an update. The sites were outdated, weren’t being found in search engines and the category structure made navigation difficult.

Hevi-Haul decided to redesign their two sites and move to the newest version of our content management system.


Hevi-Haul After Redesign

Hevi-Haul Site After Redesign


The sites feature a “request a quote” form on every product page which, when submitted, informs Hevi-Haul which product page the person visited along with the contact information and customization requests.

Since the launch, Hevi-Haul has seen a significant increase in quotes submitted. Search engine rankings also improved. Hevi-Haul went from not ranking at all for the search query “roller dollies” to having three category pages of the site rank on the first page of Google search results.


“I worked closely with Acumium as they listened to my ideas, shared their own and ultimately brought my vision to life with their expertise. Acumium’s CMS platform is very intuitive and easy to use, allowing us to add new products and information in an efficient manner. Acumium’s high quality design brings our content rich websites to life making for a very user friendly experience.”

Dave Knaebe, COO of Hevi-Haul International

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