New Program Managers to Lead Online CMS, eCommerce and Email Platforms

We have been making some exciting changes recently, including the announcement of new program managers being appointed to run our three main business platforms: AcumiumMarket™, an eCommerce solution for small to mid-sized businesses, AcumiumCMS™, a content management system for business websites, and AcumiumEnterprise™, a CMS-based eCommerce business solution.

Brian Christensen has accepted the new program manager position for AcumiumCMS™ and AcumiumEnterprise™, which include our proprietary web-based content management system. It is designed to help small and enterprise-level businesses be more findable on search engines, sell products globally, manage content workflows and easily update content.

Josh DePeau has also accepted the new program manager position for Acumium’s eCommerce platform, AcumiumMarket™. We recently shifted this platform to a software as a service (SaaS) model, which offers clients a lower-cost entry option and more frequent updates. Josh’s previously work with SaaS at the company Identite has allowed him to help develop the SaaS model for Acumium. Josh also manages the AcumiumMail™ platform, a solution to give permission marketers the tools and network integrity required to get more emails through today’s heavy-duty filters.

The change was made to keep the focus on improving our products and customer satisfaction. It will allow us to better serve clients by offering them new things and ongoing updates. Brian and Josh have expertise that keeps them tuned in to what the customers need, helping them to meet their changing needs before they even realize the need for change.

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