Maximizing Your Press Releases in Your Content Marketing Strategy

In content marketing, the rule of thumb is to write something meaningful and leverage that content across different channels in many ways.

A press release can announce a range of newsworthy things, such as: events, accomplishments, new products, awards, new services, partnerships, executive promotions, and other financial information.

Typically, marketers write their press releases and submit it to a news distribution service such as PRweb in hopes of getting picked up by a popular news website to drive traffic to their website and increase awareness about their brand, product or services. These websites are considered as authority websites by search engines. For this reason, every link from these websites is very good for SEO. However, most companies fall short by only submitting their press release to the news outlet and calling it a day.

Here’s how to turn your press release into a marketing machine:

Put Your Press Release on Your Website
Create a modified copy of your written press release and put this on your website on its own page, preferably in the news section of your website. I say modified because you don’t want to be penalized by search engines for posting duplicate content on the web. They don’t like that. Make slight changes to the title and body copy. Rearrange a few things… perhaps change out a quote. And don’t include the “about your company” section since this piece is on your website.

Tip: Optimize your website version for SEO by placing a few anchor links to other areas of your website to help build inter-website linking strategy.

Create a Blog Article about Your Press Release
If you’re trying to build inbound traffic to your website and you have a following on your blog, write an article about your news. Remember, not everyone is reading news websites, but they might be subscribed to your blog.

When writing the press release for the blog, like your website, create an even shorter, modified version of your press release. You might grab a short segment of the key point of the news and include it in the article. And since this is your blog, you can have more of a personality in the way that you express this news. For SEO sake, be sure to have yet another title that is slightly different from the original press release.

You will want to drive traffic from your blog to your website, so be sure to include a link to the article on your site.

Tip: Include links to key services or products mentioned in the press release. Anchor link these too.

Email That News to Your Customers or Subscribers
If you have news that your email subscribers would find valuable or interesting, let them know about it. Use email as the gateway to drive your subscriber base back to your website. Ah… now you’re getting it. This is why you have a version of the news on your website.

Publish the News via Facebook and Twitter
Now that you have a home base for your news, Tweet about the news (more than once) and place an update on Facebook.

Now your one page press release has helped you create meaningful content that can reach the maximum number of people. Finding original content to write about isn’t always easy. When you have good content in front of you, leverage it!

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