Kwik Kill Pest Control Launches New Website and SEO Update with Help from Acumium

Kwik Kill Pest Control approached Acumium in need of a modernized website that would suit their customers’ needs. On June 19, 2014 they were able to launch a fully redesigned website that produced impressive results within four days of going live.

Kwik Kill has been providing quality pest control services since 1979. Their Green approach is effective at eliminating pest problems, leaving minimal impact on the environment and reducing exposure to non-target animals. Their business approach has made them the leading Green Pest Control company in the Madison area, and now with the help of the new site design and SEO update, they can continue to provide excellent service.

After realizing a large percentage of their customers were finding them on mobile and tablet channels, they decided it was time to modernize their website to provide the best online customer experience. The new site has updated the functionality of many of the old website’s tools and features, and will be able to suit Kwik Kills needs for the next five to ten years.

Along with a full redesign, Acumium assisted in a SEO review of their site. This included new keyword research, updates to title tags, url’s, H elements, meta descriptions and content keyword placement.

Jay Disbrow, Acumium Online Marketing Specialist says, “Initially we informed Kwik Kill that their site may see subtle drops in rankings as Google evaluates the new changes. This is pretty standard. Surprisingly enough, within four days, the site had number one placement in SERPS for 16 terms that had been previously ranked at two or lower.”

“We’re very pleased with the new website design. The updated tools and mobile friendly design will give our customers a great online experience,” Ryan Neerland, Vice President of Kwik Kill, says, “The changes to our SEO have shown great results and we are looking forward to continue to improve our search engine rankings.”





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