How to Write Cohesively for Effective Content Marketing

Are you putting out a lot of content for your business? Your content should be relevant and interesting to read. But, is your content easy to follow? Do I understand the great points that you are trying to get across?

Here’s a tip: Write like ravioli, not like spaghetti.

Write in Short, Segmented Chunks
To make sure your readers can understand what you’re telling them, try to write in small, segmented chunks instead of long, interwoven text that can be hard to follow. In other words, write more like ravioli and less like spaghetti. Smaller paragraphs are easier to digest, especially when the subject you are writing about is hard to comprehend.

Don’t Focus on Blog Post Length
There is no rule to how much how much ravioli you need to serve, but there’s no need to serve up heapings of food when you can provide small, tasty bits. In the blogging world, there’s no need to write a novel either. Keep your posts short and straight to the point.

Some of the best blog articles hit on only one narrow point and that’s it. It’s simple and gets the writer’s point across. Take Chris Brogan’s blog as an example. He tells you exactly what you need to know and nothing more.

No fluff here.

Break Up Your Content
We’re talking about segmented chunks, so don’t try to mush everything together. Utilize the following to break up your content:

  • Bullets
  • Numbered lists
  • Page breaks
  • Bolded headings

Your headings should be eye-catching and act as a summary of the content to follow. Remember, people rarely read everything word-for-word. Your headings should draw the reader in, but also act as a table of contents for what’s to follow.

According to, people read in an “F” pattern. Your visitors are only skimming the headings. Make sure you’re getting across your points effectively.

Remember: Eat spaghetti for dinner, but write in short, chunky ravioli bits!

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