How to Use Lead Generation to Grow Your Twitter Following

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges social media marketers face on a daily basis is creating strategies that both grow followers and increase engagement on their channels. The social media channel marketers find most difficult to deal with is Twitter. Why is that the case? It has to do with the nature of the platform. Activity on Twitter can be very self-promotional with one-way communication – which can be frustrating if you are trying to gain meaningful connections with potential customers.

Luckily for you, difficult does not mean impossible. In a perfect world, we’d all have the same advertising budget of the social media giants like Nike, Doritos, Coca-Cola and Toyota. But for the majority of us social media marketers, that is not our reality. So we must do what we were hired to do – get creative.

Do you remember back to when I discussed creating a blogger outreach strategy? Well, it has something to do with that. Our blogger outreach strategy not only grabbed the attention of influential bloggers, but it also did wonders in growing our client’s Twitter following and exposing their brand to qualified leads and potential customers.

The Why

In our blogger outreach article, we mentioned the many tools available to conduct such a strategy. The first step in both a general lead generation strategy and a blogger outreach strategy is to identify your target audience, so let’s start there. Automated lead generation marketing tools allow you to connect with more quality, qualified leads and reach way more, way faster than you ever could manually.

Think of your brand as the social influencer and start using your own Twitter network to build relationships with users and followers the same way bloggers do! Position your brand as the expert in your industry and your followers will pay attention to what you are saying and look to you for advice. The more fans you can attract and users you can get in front of on Twitter, the better chance you have to build brand awareness and create relationships that improve your reputation and generate qualified leads that improve your bottom line.

Did you know that…

Social media, yes, even Twitter, has the power to help you grow your business. That’s why this lead generation strategy is so important to harness the power of Twitter to help build your brand and increase your awareness.

The How

And now we get to the part of the blog you’ve all been waiting for – how do you grow your Twitter following using a lead generation tool:

Step 1: Identify the right target audience and establish metrics and goals for performance. This is the most important step of all. The initial targeting determines if your leads have the potential to become customers.

Step 2: With a little help from our favorite tools, we were able to get a list of potential followers. If they looked like a match, we introduced ourselves. We do this by liking a tweet and sending them a follow. If they follow us back, we engage them with them with a personal, qualifying direct message.

Step 3: If they follow us back, we engage them with them with a personal, qualifying direct message. Because we’re freaks about data, we also A/B test each message we send so that we can see what’s working best when connecting with users and then refine our messaging as needed.

Step 4: We stayed engaged. It’s important to let your target audience know how much you appreciate them. Make sure you continue to engage with them after that first connection. See a tweet you like that they posted? Comment, like or share and they will do the same!

We’ve had great success with this strategy. In the few short months since we’ve implemented it we have seen:

  • A monthly average of 25.5% increase in followers vs. the previous average of 4.8% monthly growth.
  • A monthly average of 184 follow backs ($0.82 per user).
  • A dramatic 2,693% increase in direct Twitter messages received. Those are real conversations, with real leads personally engaging with the brand!
  • 109% increase in link clicks.

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