How Tablets Are Changing the Way We Shop

Last holiday season saw huge increases in sales placed by tablet. According to this infographic by Monetate, about 119 million tablets will be sold in 2012. We can expect to see a huge tablet impact on holiday shopping this season.

What You Should Do to Prepare for Tablet Commerce
Part of preparing yourself for this change includes being aware, both of market trends and of your current customer trends. Think about how your current customers are using your site and what that experience is like on a smartphone or tablet that isn’t being optimized for the mobile device.

User experience is incredibly important. As soon as someone becomes frustrated with the poor user experience of your site on mobile, they will bounce immediately and you can’t be certain they will continue their website experience on a desktop. Don’t let your lack of a mobile site ruin your conversion rates.

Best Practices for Tablet Optimized Websites:

  • Engage Users with Swipe and Flip Enabled Features
    Tablet users expect to be able to swipe through lists of items. What they don’t expect (and won’t be happy about) is having to click an arrow or “next” button to move through the information.
  • Eliminate Hover
    Tablets don’t recognize a finger hovering over the screen like desktop sites do with your mouse. Make sure your drop-down sub-menus are easily accessible without hovering over words to reveal the content.
  • Design to Accommodate Fingers
    Make sure it’s easy to select different items on your site. This means properly spacing out your content so even chubby thumbs can click what they want.
  • Make Sure Your Pages Load Quickly
    People expect their pages to load in a few seconds at most. Consider shrinking the file sizes of your images and content to increase load speeds.

To get a better idea of how people are using tablet and where your website fits into the mix, check out this infographic from Monetate.

Couch Commerce: How Tablet Shoppers are Changing Online SalesMonetate Marketing Infographics//

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