5 Tips to Optimize Your Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is at our doorstep. For many, the holiday season involves gift giving, but finding those gifts can be a very long and difficult process. You can make the shopping process easier for customer by offering a holiday gift guide.

Are your gift guides optimized for this year’s holiday season? Creating a gift guide takes planning and time. Make the most of your gift guide with these 5 tips.

  1. Holiday Gift Guide IdeasOrganize by Theme
    Make your gift guides as specific as you want them to be. People (usually) know who they are going to buy a gift for, but don’t know what to buy. Having specific themes or categories will help to filter the clutter. Categories organized by price, gift type and gift receiver are great because they are very clear for the shopper. This is an example of part of a gift guide from CNET.
  2. Integrate into Your Site
    Integrating your gift guides into your website will ensure shoppers see it. A good example can be found on the website of one of our clients, Choose Hope. They integrated a ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ button to their departments tab, as well as a homepage banner to promote the guide. Clicking on it will take you to a holiday gift guide page where you can choose between many gifts.Choose Hope Holiday Gift Guide
  3. Promote!
    Even with banners on your site, you can’t expect customers to find your gift guides. Customers need be notified. An email campaign is an effective way to reach your current customer base, but also posting on social media or a company blog could prove useful in spreading the news.
  4. Extend Your Reach
    Social media is not only a good way to promote your gift guide, but also a perfect tool to create a gift guide. By uploading your gifts to a social media platform like Instagram or Pinterest, you have the opportunity to reach people that you wouldn’t have been able to reach through email marketing alone. By choosing the right hashtags and gifts and by making sure your guide is an esthetically pleasing whole, other people will spread the word for you by repining, sharing and liking your gift guides.
    Pinterest Gift Guide
  5. Quality Over Quantity
    No one wants to scroll through five pages of gift ideas. A better strategy is to pick a handful of quality gifts ideas that you are going to showcase per theme. This way it is clear to the customers in one glance what the best gift ideas are for this holiday season and they won’t lose interest before finding the perfect gifts for those on their list.


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