Gingras, Cates & Luebke Embraces Paid Search to Boost Leads

Last month, Gingras, Cates & Luebke (GCL) partnered with Acumium for a paid search advertising campaign. GCL has been providing legal services to workers, consumers, families and individuals in the Madison area for over 20 years. In an effort to boost website traffic, gain awareness and target the appropriate individuals for a current lawsuit, GCL sought out Acumium to collaborate on a paid search campaign that could produce immediate results.

GCL recognized that they needed more than traditional print advertising and online organic traffic to gain the participation they desired. The current lawsuit had significant search traffic and other law firms were using paid search advertising as a marketing channel. Having worked with Acumium in the past, GCL reached out to Acumium for help with their current digital dilemma.

Acumium designed a two month SEM campaign that would enhance GCL’s SEO, while creating targeted display and text ads geared toward reaching the people who have been affected and could benefit most from the current lawsuit pertaining to Syngenta Corn. The campaign was created to increase traffic and maximize clicks while focusing on return on investment. A campaign specific mobile-friendly landing page was developed to inform the visitor about the issue, encourage participation and capture contact information.

“We needed an online marketing partner who could successfully handle the many aspects that go into a paid search project. Having worked with Acumium before, we were confident they would be able to help us put together a paid search advertising campaign that would produce results,” says Attorney Heath Straka, Partner at GCL.

Chris Uschan, VP of Marketing and Sales at Acumium, adds, “With so many online advertising options out there, it comes down to choosing a web and marketing partner you can trust who will be results focused. Understanding and collaborating with your clients is critical to ensure a successful campaign.”



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