How to Get Google’s Attention – Keep it Fresh

There is no way to avoid it. If you want your website to be successful, you need to grab Google’s attention. With millions of sites competing for top rankings, how do you make your site stick out? Give Google what it wants –fresh, useful content. Google ranks sites on relevance and frequency, and it rewards sites that stay active and current with high page rankings. So, how do you keep Google happy without creating pages for the sake of creating pages, or dabbling in mischievous, excessive link building in the hopes to outsmart Google? Well, you can’t take a short cut, because Google will catch on and your site will suffer for it. The only way to please the search engine is with authentic, useful content. The good thing is there is more than one way to do this.

Create a Blog

Maintaining a blog within your domain is a great way to add fresh content to your site. The more you post the better, but if you don’t have time to write every day, aim for posting once a week, but never less than once a month. Your posts should be on recent events and hot topics that pertain to your industry. Keep in mind relevant keywords when writing.

Offer Resources

Generate a resource page that offers tools for your customers to use. This can be product guides, webinars, eBooks or white papers. You can offer free consulting or provide links to other useful content. Providing resources gives Google new links to review and offers your site visitors something they can leave with.

Provide News

Have a news page dedicated to sharing what your company is doing. Publish press releases on new products, completion of big projects or new company initiatives and partnerships. It’s a great way to brag about your accomplishments, while providing new links and proving your company is active.

Create Landing Pages

Create a “What’s New” page and use it to promote new products or services. Add a calendar to inform site visitors about important upcoming conferences, or seminars your company will be attending. If you are an eCommerce site, try creating temporary pages for special promotions.

Update Your Products

Keep your product information current. Add videos as you create them to not only provide fresh content for search engines, but also to provide a great user experience for site visitors. Having reviews on your site is also a great way to keep product pages updated with new content.

It doesn’t matter what way you choose to do it, the important thing is that you are consistently creating useful, fresh content. Take the time to invest into authentic link building. Your time will be better spent on creating engaging content that naturally builds links than trying to cheat Google with poor link building tactics.

Don’t forget to share! Social media is a great tool to drive people to your site and reach a larger audience. Share your blog posts, company news, promotions and resources as you update them. Keep Google and your customers interested and high page rank will follow.


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