More Than a Flag

There are some people who, once it is quitting time, are happy to leave work at work. Caroline Sober-James, Acumium’s Director of User Experience, is not really one of those people. Caroline recently turned her love for our city of Madison, Wisconsin, her eye for design, and a spare hour on the weekend into a pretty good run at a recent Madison city flag redesign contest run by the Wisconsin State Journal. It is not everybody who looks for ways to apply “day job” skills during her own time, just for fun, but we were not surprised to see Caroline all over this.

She may have entered just for kicks, and with low expectations, but her design ended up flying nearly to the top of the pole, placing third. That is not too shabby considering there were over 100 entries from people all over the world.

Caroline’s flag concept represents Madison’s four lakes and the communities and activities that surround the Capitol square, communicating the spirit that Madison is more than just our state’s capitol.

To me, Caroline’s flag design is much more than just a flag. It is an example of the passion and energy we have for the work we do and a great representation of the kind of people we love having on our team.

Be sure to check out all the flag entries including the winner at the Wisconsin State Journal.

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