Email Marketing: Keep it Fresh

Ideally you want your customers to be checking their email the entire day, eagerly awaiting that new promotion you send out. In reality, you are happy if they even take a look at your offer because they will probably receive thirty more from other companies that day.

Is your email marketing return dropping? Are your customers even opening your emails anymore?

If the content of an email is going to be the same as the last ten emails they received from you, they will be unlikely to open an eleventh. Keeping your email campaign fresh could help you retain customers and increase engagement.

  • Rotate Offers – A good way to keep your campaign fresh is to rotate promotions. Showcasing a different promotion every couple days, or every few weeks, gives you an opportunity to appeal to a fresh group of potential customers. People might not be in the market for that toaster at the moment, but the grill the next day is exactly what they are looking for.
  • Add Urgency – Adding in 24 or 48 hour deals is another way to keep your customers on their toes. The extra time pressure forces the customer to act immediately so they don’t miss out on your special offer. Make sure your offer is enticing enough that the customer won’t overlook it. As part of all email campaigns, chaser emails are a great place to add urgency: “Sale Ends Tonight!”
    48 Hour Promotion Example
  • Vary Content – You don’t have to offer multiple promotions to keep your email campaigns fresh. Varying subject lines and email content keeps your campaigns fresh and interesting. Mix it up with new product releases, blog articles and interesting subject lines to keep your customers wanting to open your emails.

After sending offer after offer during the holidays, make sure your customers don’t overlook you in the New Year. Keep these tips in mind as you plan out your 2014 email marketing.

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