Ecommerce Software as a Service Platform Launched

SaaS Offers a Lower-Cost Entry and More Frequent Updates

Acumium, a solution provider who helps businesses grow online through their content management and eCommerce platforms, is officially announcing enhancements to its AcumiumMarket™ eCommerce platform.

During 2011, Acumium made significant investments to their mid-market eCommerce platform, including improved security, site performance and a number of new features. These investments allowed new offerings, such as simplified mobile and tablet-friendly sites, as well as a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, which offers clients a lower-cost entry option and more frequent updates.

Some benefits of the SaaS model for AcumiumMarket™ include:

  1. Predictable budgeting of web development spending
  2. Quicker access to opt-in platform enhancements
  3. Opportunities to contribute to the list of new platform features and enhancements
  4. One price which covers hosting, support, maintenance, new standard features and much more


“It is exciting to have a SaaS offering for our search-optimized AcumiumMarket™ platform,” says Jody Hartwig, Acumium’s Senior Account Executive. “Our customers will benefit from ongoing best practice eCommerce enhancements and the ability to more easily budget their web development spending. New platform customers will now have a lower initial spend with the SaaS option, which makes AcumiumMarket™ an attractive offering for all small to mid-size online retailers.”



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