Why Creating a Social Media Campaign is Totally Worth Your Time

Facebook isn’t messing around anymore. If you want new fans and a strong social brand presence, you are going to have to work for it. Which means there has never been a better time to put together a social media campaign.

The Why.

It’s no secret that Facebook isn’t just handing out organic reach anymore. It’s also no secret that Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the argument for a strong social presence is only growing. But, running a Facebook campaign is much more than gaining organic reach…or “new fans”. Social media campaigns are important to an overall digital marketing strategy because when done right, they yield successful results beyond just Facebook. Results like qualified social fans, brand and product awareness, clicks to your website, conversions and data that can be used for future remarketing purposes.

The How.

Okay, okay. I need to put together a social media campaign, but how do I do that effectively? Excellent question! This is best answered with an example.

We put together a Facebook campaign for one of our clients that resulted in 22 percent fan growth, 156 percent increase in website referral traffic from Facebook, and 258 percent increase in total conversions attributed to Facebook.Social Media Campaigns

The campaign was for our client ProClip USA Inc., a distributor of custom mobile mounting solutions for vehicles. We based our theme around our client’s product and tied it into an activity that everyone can relate to: road trips. We utilized a series of quirky “scrapbook” and “dashboard” images that created engagement and combined them with copy to conjure up relevant life experiences, creating a familiar connection with users to the content, and ultimately the brand.

Social Media Campaigns

Before launching the campaign we set goals that we and our client defined as success. We then created a versatile content strategy for our Facebook posts that incorporated and showcased several of our client’s products. We ran advertisements alongside the campaign that tied in with the theme and created clicks to product pages. We targeted current ProClip fans by emphasizing products they may not have been familiar with, such as tablet holders and headrest mounts. We also targeted potential new fans and customers like travelers and car and mobile enthusiasts.

Fans submitted a road trip photo of their own for entry to win the very products that were at the core of the campaign. Use your fans to help create the content! They are a great source! Not only did we encourage them to submit content, but we encouraged them to share with their friends and create a buzz. By using Woobox, a third party contest app, we were able to collect data from all who participated. Data that can later be used for remarketing purposes.

The Recap.

  • Social media campaigns, especially on Facebook, are worth your time.
  • Create a campaign around a strong theme that incorporates products and strengthens brand awareness.
  • Define success before you launch.
  • Have contingency plans if campaign isn’t tracking towards success metrics.
  • Utilize your budget to target current and potential fans.
  • Encourage fan created content.
  • Take advantage of a third party app to collect the data for remarketing.
  • Measure your success and analyze the good and the bad.
  • Brainstorm how you can do better and plan your next campaign!


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