Cellara Launches Marketing Website within Two Weeks of Project Start

Acumium Assists Cell Research Platform with New Website

Earlier this month, Acumium assisted Cellara in launching a new marketing website with a two week turnaround. Cellara’s old website was built on Sharepoint and did not have the look or feel of their new product. There was no apparent branding that matched their new logo for CultureTrax, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for cell culture experiments.

The company was in the process of seeking additional funding and some important investor meetings were on the horizon. They had limited time to pull together a professional looking website representative of their new brand.

Acumium has been working with Cellara for the past several months to help them develop a custom software solution for their stem cell research platform. This partnership gave Acumium in-depth knowledge of the company, product, business goals and industry challenges, which allowed Acumium to pull together a small task force to nimbly turn around a website solution representative of Cellara’s new brand, CultureTrax. The new website was launched in just two weeks, in time for investor meetings.

“We were extremely pleased with how fast Acumium was able to launch our new website,” says Scott Fulton, CEO of Cellara, “Not only did they get it to us in time for our meetings, they were effective and thorough. We made the right decision by partnering with Acumium.”

Heather Timmerman, Director of Digital Marketing at Acumium, adds, “We’re happy that we could help Cellara meet their investor meeting deadline. Their new marketing website aligns with the look and feel of the CultureTrax product, making for a smoother transition between product and promotion.”



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