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5 Painfully Obvious Reasons Why You Should Start Using Google Shopping Ads

Paid search is a complicated beast. Considering keywords, match types, ad groups, budget management and multiple accounts, it can be overwhelming. So, why would you want to add Google Shopping ads to the mix? I’ll give you ... Read more

Tick Tock – Are You Wasting Time on a PPC Campaign That Doesn’t Utilize Landing Pages?

Just like a clock, a successful PPC campaign requires a lot of moving parts. If the gears and levers do not match up and work together, then the clock is not performing as it should. Think of a ... Read more

3 Reasons to Consider a Retargeting Campaign

Have you ever noticed after you've done some online shopping that an ad for the exact product you were looking for shows up on another website you’re visiting, such as Facebook? Well, that’s retargeting. Retargeting has ... Read more

Trick or Treat? Will Your Display Ad Win You The Customer?

Halloween is almost here. You have multiple costume parties to attend and you want to win the “Best Costume” award. You know that if you stick to the classics, and do them well, you will win. You have ... Read more


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