Why You Should Blog as Part of Online Marketing

Online marketing without blogging is a lot like being an artist. You spend all this time putting out your best paintings for display. But rather than wandering the gallery, you spend all your time in a windowless ticket booth, watching money come out a slot so you can push attendance tickets through the same slot to whoever is on the other side. You have no idea whether visitors are coming because they love your masterpieces or want to make fun of them.

Blogging, much like social media, gets you into the gallery to interact with the patrons. You can find out exactly what they’re thinking and respond to their questions and concerns. You can even extol the virtues of specific works to particular individuals, rearrange pictures to suit the needs of the crowd, and replace images that aren’t working with ones the visitors may like.

What’s even better is that blogging will not cost you a lot, especially compared to what you may be spending on PPC or banner ads every month. You can put together a WordPress blog for a reasonable amount of money. You do, however, have to devote some time to post regularly – three entries a week should keep your customers wanting more.

Having a blog is not only a great way to interact with your customers, but it’s also great for SEO. Search engines like unique content. And a blog that you’re updating every week with keyword rich content that links back to your core site does just that.

One tip: don’t use your blog as a giant ad or people will stop coming. Instead, figure out what problems your customers have and then offer ideas to solve them. Content strategy and planning is an essential step in adding a blog to your overall content marketing strategy.

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