Acumium’s Online Retailer Clients Finish Big in 2014

We help companies grow. That’s what we do best. Whether we are providing technology web solutions, managing online marketing programs, or doing both, we succeed when our clients do.

In 2014 our ecommerce clients experienced, on average:


  • 40% increase in overall website traffic
  • 48% increase in organic traffic
  • 67% increase in mobile traffic
  • 101% increase in PPC traffic


  • 40 % increase in overall revenue
  • 108% increase in mobile revenue
  • 56% increase in PPC revenue

One of the advantages when working with Acumium is our ability to provide clients with comprehensive online marketing and website solutions. Our GravityMarket™ ecommerce platform offers online retailers with the right technology they need to run a successful online business. But it takes more than a platform to be successful. This is where Acumium’s strategic leadership and online marketing programs help amplify the technology to make businesses grow.



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