Acumium’s Content Management System Certified by Microsoft

Acumium’s content management system (CMS) has been certified Windows Server 2012 Platform ready by Microsoft. Acumium is an internet-focused company helping businesses grow online through strategic website consulting, online marketing and full-service website design and development.

Acumium has developed its own proprietary website platforms. The AcumiumCMS™ is a web publishing platform built for marketers. It has a built in publishing process, can securely process transactions and is equipped to scale and handle large amounts of traffic. The platform can also be customized to build industry-specific websites with special features.

Acumium makes frequent updates to their CMS and provides the platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. The latest version of the CMS (Vienna 4.10) is a responsive design based platform that supports mobile and tablet friendly websites.

The Acumium CMS Framework 4.10 (Vienna) has been certified Windows Server 2012 Platform ready. The application is put through platform testing and validation and the results are sent to Microsoft for approval. Acumium’s CMS is now a part of the Windows Server Catalog.



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