[Video] Electric Vehicles for Business: The Push for Sustainability in Madison

Dan Costello, the Founder and CEO of Acumium, has a passion for sustainability that has infected the entire culture. Harnessing sustainable methods to improve business functions is a point of pride here, whether it’s through opting for reusable hand towels in place of paper towels, installing CFL and LED lighting throughout the office, or harnessing solar power for the two electric vehicles available for sales calls and meetings.

Acumium: Sustainability Efforts in Madison

Seeking to spread this passion to other businesses, Acumium also attends and sponsors sustainability events in Madison, such as MGE Major Council meetings and the Badger Bioneers Conference. These efforts have started to create awareness and generate coverage, both from local news sources and MGE itself. If you’d like your business to join the sustainability movement and reap the rewards, here’s how to get started. Acumium is also excited to have been chosen to partner with MGE to create the video below to promote business sustainability in Madison.

Acumium Drives Electric Vehicles in Madison

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