Acumium Successfully Completes GravityMarket™ SaaS Environment Upgrade

Last month, Acumium successfully completed the migration of all GravityMarket™ SaaS clients to Acumium’s new VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) infrastructure. This environment upgrade provides many security and performance benefits for our current and future SaaS clients.

The switch to a VPC infrastructure allows the timely patching of OS security updates. By using Amazon managed kernels, we can quickly and seamlessly patch operating systems. This new configuration and infrastructure allows our team to create scaling groups across multiple availability zones, resulting in higher levels of availability.

Along with the timely patching of OS updates and increased availability, the VPC introduces access control lists (ACLs). ACLs allow our team to have a much more granular and directional control of network traffic, improving network security for our clients.

The migration to a VPC provides the opportunity to utilize the newest generation of Amazon instance types, which provides more CPU, faster disk and a better overall performance. Along with the increased performance provided by the new AWS instances, the general improvements made to the underlying infrastructure during the upgrade will allow our team to enhance overall application performance for all of our SaaS clients.

“We felt that this was an important move in order to continue to provide our GravityMarket™ SaaS clients with the best ecommerce security and performance,” says Jason Sajdak, Director of IT at Acumium.



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