Acumium Relocates to Downtown Madison, Wisconsin

We have a new location at 717 John Nolen Drive, Madison, WI 53713

We love Madison, WI so much we decided to move from the far east side to downtown. Well, we’re not exactly downtown next to the Capitol, but moved closer to downtown in a more convenient location for our clients and employees… Right by the Alliant Energy Center and just off of the beltline highway on John Nolen Drive.


Dan Costello, Acumium Founder and CEO

Dan Costello, Acumium Founder and CEO

What the new location means:

  1. Client Convenience – Centralized to make travel to our office a snap.
  2. Employee Convenience – We’re now a more attractive place to work for east and west siders.
  3. Better Support – Our new digs centralize our team making our working environment more collaborative. And, our newly installed power generator keeps us running when the power goes out.
  4. Outside Adventures – We’re a 5 minute walk to Lake Mendota and our parking lot doubles as a playground for Frisbee, footballs and a grill.
  5. A bigger place to fly remote control helicopters and shoot nerf guns (every office needs a little fun time!)


This change is just one of the many advancements that we have been making lately. We have grown our eCommerce platform, AcumiumMarket™, our content management platform, AcumiumCMS™, and our online marketing services platform, AcumiumEngage™. The new location is just one way that we can continue to be competitive and more accessible to our clients.

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