Acumium Rebrands Ecommerce Website Platform

Acumium is an internet-focused company that provides online marketing, strategic website consulting and full-service web design and development.

About half of Acumium’s client base includes Ecommerce merchants using Acumium’s propriety platform to sell and grow online.

A few years ago, Acumium chose to rebrand its products to strengthen the company name. As part of this change, GravityMarket™ became AcumiumMarket™. Since then, Acumium made the decision to go back to the previous name to better distinguish the product from the company and to use a name that is more memorable. Acumium’s eCommerce platform is now GravityMarket™.

Christopher Uschan, VP of Marketing and Business Development, says, “This rebranding strengthens the platform as a professional piece of software and not a home-grown solution. GravityMarket™ has provided lasting results for many companies over the last decade.”

The GravityMarket™ platform has existed for 10 years. It was originally built by NetConcepts and then acquired by Acumium in 2008. Acumium then took the platform to a new level with frequent updates and now provides the platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS) based offering.

A few dozen of Acumium’s clients use the GravityMarket™ eCommerce platform, including PoolDawg, Growing Tree Toys, Emergency Medical Products and Cases By Source. Clients currently in the website development phase that will soon run the platform include ProClip USA and Everlast Sports Nutrition.



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