Acumium Hosts Google Partners Webinar to Improve Online Advertising Services for Small Businesses

Earlier this month, the AcumiumEngage™ marketing team hosted a virtual Partners Connect seminar through our Google Partner relationship. The focus of the event was on small businesses that are new to Google AdWords.

The speakers, Allan Thygesen, VP of Global Small Business Sales, and Fred Vallaeys, AdWords Evangelist, addressed the value of online advertising, achieving success on the web and the benefits of working with an agency.

Companies that have an online presence grow twice as fast as those who don’t, and most big business owners don’t fully understand the benefits of online advertising. But, Google understands how daunting online marketing can be to a small business owner, and has created many integrated services that can be utilized by small businesses to boost their presence in search results. Google Maps, Google My Business and Google AdWords all work together to improve paid advertising presence.

But, why is it so important for a small business to have an online presence? Here is what we learned.

  • 97 percent of people that search for something local go online to do so.
  • 72 percent of consumers who search for information were within five miles of the location via smartphone.
  • 3 out of 4 people searching for a local business found the business via smartphone.

It’s undeniable that customers are going online to find small, local businesses. The next step is to learn how to optimize online efforts to get the most out of your money. Our partnership with Google and the knowledge learned from the Partners Connect events can help with that.

Did you know that 64 percent of shopping carts are abandoned due to common, everyday distractions? With a remarketing strategy you can remind the customer about what is left in the cart, and make the sale. Did you also know that 50 percent of ad spend is wasted? By using search ads to lift brand awareness and having a call out section in text ads, you can make your online advertising strategy more effective.

There are many more benefits to having a strong online presence, and Google has many services to accomplish that. It requires an integrated strategy and knowledge of the tools. Working with an agency like Acumium that is familiar with Google services is a great way to optimize online efforts for maximum ROI.

You can learn more by watching the Partners Connect seminar. If interested in learning about the next Partners Connect event, be sure to contact us.



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