Acumium Achieves Google Partner Status

Multiple Acumium online marketing specialists have completed the Google AdWords certification process to back their experience with pay-per-click advertising for online retailers and B2B companies. The result of their efforts provides Acumium with an official Google Partner status.

Acumium is an internet-focused company helping businesses grow online through strategic website consulting, online marketing and full-service website design and development. To support their clients’ efforts to increase revenues, Acumium has a business division dedicated to online marketing, of which search engine marketing is a core offering. Clients partner with Acumium to be their outsourced experts to set up and optimize their pay-per-click advertising initiatives. The Acumium marketers also provide clients with SEO, content marketing, retargeting, web analytics and eBusiness consulting.

Christopher Uschan, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Acumium, says, “Our search engine specialists have deep experience managing pay-per-click and display advertising campaigns for a variety of large and small company sizes and budgets. This certification is a way to demonstrate the expertise we have and make potential clients feel comfortable trusting a proven company like Acumium to lead their PPC campaigns.”

The Google Partners program is a new program intended for agencies and online marketing professionals who help companies advertising online with Google AdWords. Anyone can join the program, but the Google Partners badge is only awarded to qualified companies who have at least one individual certified in Google AdWords and demonstrate their knowledge of the platform.

Three of Acumium’s online marketing specialists: Nicole Opie, Jason Disbrow and Zeph Van Berlo, have completed the Google AdWords certification, which requires passing of two exams. All individuals must complete an advertising fundamentals test and can then choose between an advanced search and advanced display exam for their specialty. Acumium search engine marketing specialists completed the advanced search exam and are working to also complete the advanced display.

As part of the company’s efforts to keep informed of search engine updates and other industry changes, Acumium also plans to have their online marketing team become certified in Google Analytics.



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