7 Last Minute Tips for Your Best Holiday Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. If you’re not already prepared, you have just over a week to make sure your site is in tip top shape before Thanksgiving. While you should already have your promotions planned through the holiday season, you can always make some last minute changes to push sales over the edge.

  • Suggest Shopping Ideas
    Gift guides are great for first time shoppers who aren’t familiar with your site or for repeat shoppers who are looking for you to make their shopping easier. Depending on your product offerings, give suggestions by gift receivers (for her, for him, for kids, etc.) and by price point.
  • Email Often
    Think about all the holiday offers you already have in your email inbox. This time of year, consumers are bombarded with multiple offers from many different retailers. Your customers aren’t going to open every one of your emails. Send chasers and send multiple offers to cut through the promotional cloud and be seen.
  • Leverage PPC Advertising
    If you are using a PPC advertising programs, don’t forget to add a holiday campaign. Leverage the seasonal search behavior by adding phrases like “gift ideas” “Christmas” or “holiday” to your current keyword lists. If you’re using retargeting programs, double check that you are capturing new visitors into your remarketing lists so you can continue to market to them after the holiday season.
  • Watch the Competition
    Contingency plans should be in place to make sure you hit your desired targets. If, for example, your competitors are offering a free shipping deal that you believe is driving down your sales, consider adding additional promotions to compete.
  • Prepare for Extra Traffic
    If all goes well with your promotional plan, you should expect to see big jumps in inbound traffic. Make sure your site is equipped to handle it. Communicate with your IT department so they can be prepared when promotions are announced.
  • Test Thoroughly
    Make sure you’ve tested any new promotions or strategies ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than launching a promotion that sends a huge wave of traffic to your site, only to have the offer not work. With countless holiday shopping options, customers won’t wait around to figure it out.
  • Record Your Success
    Make sure you’re keeping track of your promotion performance (what offers convert best, which banner placement garners the most clicks, what send time drives the highest open rate, etc.) so you can make tweaks to the plan as necessary and use that knowledge to plan your post-holiday promotions.


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