5 Ways to Improve Conversion with Website Merchandising

Conversion is one of the most critical metrics for an eCommerce website. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive if you can’t convert that traffic once they reach your site. Conversion is largely impacted by product offering and price, but changing your line of products isn’t always easy and can be time consuming. Here are five ways to improve conversion through better product merchandising.

  1. Offer Daily or Weekly Deals
    Daily DealsGive customers a reason to revisit your site frequently. Daily or weekly deals keep customers interested in what you might offer next. Changing out deals daily or weekly also provides you with an opportunity to send emails and drive even more traffic. Shoppers are more likely to convert on these offers because the limited time period creates a sense of urgency.
  2. Showcase New Products
    Much like daily deals, new products are another reason shoppers will come back to check your site. Showcase new products with product badges and place them right on your homepage to make them easy to find. Depending on the types of products you sell, consider promoting which products are “coming soon,” so that customers who don’t see what they’re looking for will come back later to convert.
    Showcase New Products
  3. Reward Loyal Purchasers
    Make repeat customers feel valued. Winning a new customer is much harder and more expensive than retaining existing customers, so make sure you make it worth their while to keep buying from you. Loyalty programs allow you to offer special discounts to repeat purchasers, customers that reach a certain order value threshold, or customers that refer friends to your store.
    Loyalty Programs
  4. Suggest Related Products
    When a customer completes a purchase, don’t miss out on the chance to suggest other products they may not have seen on their first visit. Logical upsells include product accessories, related items or any featured or top selling items in your store.  If you recommend related products, be sure to highlight what’s on sale or new to further peak customer interest.
    Related Product Offerings
  5. Promote Site-wide Offers
    Email is often one of the best converting online channels and is also how most retailers advertise their offers. However, there are more potential buyers out there that extend beyond the reach of your email list. Offering special deals to everyone on your website can help convert customers, especially new ones that land at your site and are unsure about buying. A great way to incent purchases on site AND grow your email list is to use site entry pop-ups that offer a special promo code once the shopper signs up for your email list.
    Site-wide Offer Promotion



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