5 Ways to Create a Sizzling Summer Email Campaign

Everyone loves summer. Great weather, beach trips, camping, fairs and cookouts. Don’t let the appeal of the outdoors keep your customers from checking their emails during the next few months. Summer offers endless opportunities to engage with your customers, so join in on the seasonal fun with a summer email campaign. Here are 5 ways to use summer to heat up your next email campaign.

1. Celebrate Holidays

Summertime means celebration, and there are plenty of holidays to utilize for a fun campaign. Offer promotions or sales that tie in with the special event. Get creative and integrate the holiday into the sale. “Buy 3 and get the 4th free! Happy Independence Day!”

2. Offer Helpful Summer Tips

Grab your audiences’ attention with useful tips to make the season better. Maybe it’s a recipe for an all-natural, homemade bug repellent, or packing tips to make camping easier. Then, connect these tips to products or services that your company offers and add in a special promotion.

3. Seasonal Promotions Around Summer Themes

Next time you send out an email try centering it on a summer theme. Have the design, images, colors and fonts match whatever theme you pick. It could be “A Day at the Beach” or “Campfires and Cookouts”. Offer seasonal deals that tie in with the theme, and of course have them match with your product or service.

4. Make A Summer Bucket List

Create the ultimate summer bucket list for your customers. Provide great ideas and activities they can do to make their summer the best one yet. This could be the top 5 places to hike or the best unknown beaches. Create a list that can be accomplished with the help of your company. It could be renting your equipment to go kayaking for the day or following your blog to get the best summer cocktail recipes. Offer your customers something they will enjoy doing.

5. Localize the Summer Fun!

Maybe your customers are only in one region or maybe they are all over the place and a general email campaign will not serve all of their needs. Not a problem! Localize your next campaign by offering suggestions that are unique to your customers. Promote a local festival or charity run. Consider partnering with local venues to create special promotions for events. Then you can remind your customers of all the local fun, while offering them great deals to make it even better.

There are many more ways to utilize the summer season for your next email campaign. Remember to make the look and feel of each email match the fun, relaxing summer vibes. Create content that will grab attention and deals that will keep them engaged. Make your email marketing a success this summer!

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