5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing Offers

Despite new technology providing other ways to market to your customers, email marketing still proves to be a vital and effective marketing tool, when done right.

If your approach to email is to send, send, send and hope for the return you want, you’re going about email marketing in the wrong way.

The key to any successful email marketing campaign is to send the right offer, at the right time and to the right people.

This means developing a strategic approach to your email marketing programs with adequate planning and research.

Here are five things you should do to make a great offer email.

  1. Send Relevant Emails
    No matter how much time you put into planning and writing a great email, it won’t have a chance to succeed if it’s not sent to the right people. List segmentation is an important part of email marketing. You need to understand who is on your list and how they interact with you.
    If you know customer X tends to always buy items from your Apple line, for example, make sure these are the products you are primarily featuring in your emails to customer X. If customer X is very unlikely to buy products from your Windows line, don’t send them Windows offers, or at least make them a secondary offer in your email. Sending multiple emails within a campaign may mean more work for you, but it will be worth the effect on your email ROI.
    The more relevant your email is to the receiver, the more likely he/she is to open the email, click through your links and not unsubscribe from your list.
  2. Send Timely Emails
    When is your list most likely to convert? If you’re sending an email right before the holidays, know when people are scrambling for last-minute gifts and send them an offer that they can’t refuse, like easy last minute gift ideas with free gift wrapping and a great shipping offer. Your offers should be in line with your other marketing programs. Proper planning will make sure all your marketing programs are in sync.
    Being timely is not just about the time of year, however, it’s about the day of the week and the time of day. A study done by Get Response, found that about 24% of all email opens happen within the first hour after an email is sent. Opens rates drop off quickly after this point. Top engagement times were between 8 and 10 in the morning and 3 and 4 in the afternoon. Emails sent during these times could increase open rate and CTR by 6%.
    Depending on where your company does business, you will likely have customers that live in very different time zones. Your 9am email to New York will reach Hawaii at 3am, so unless you assume your Hawaiian customers all have insomnia and read emails at 3am, you may need to segment your list by location and send at different times.
  3. Have a Great Subject Line
    Before you plan a great offer and content to be in your email, you need to make sure your email is actually opened to reveal that offer. How do you do that? Use a great subject line! Make sure your offer is mentioned in the subject, especially if it’s something new or rare for you. Hype the email and make the receiver want to click for more. This is a great opportunity for A/B testing to a smaller segment before you blast away to everyone.
    You might find a subject line like “Our BIGGEST Discount Ever” performs better than “25% Off Site Wide” because you’ve left no mystery in the second subject line. Or you might find the opposite; your customers know what they’re looking for and respond better to the direct approach, “Free Ground Shipping Now Through Friday.” Try new things and learn what works. Keep good notes and use these findings to hone your subject line offers.
  4. Make it Easy to Convert
    Your offer should be prominent in your email. This means big font, concise text and crisp product images. Your calls-to-action (CTAs) should be easy to find. If your reader has to think twice about where they can click to “Learn More” about the product or “Shop Now,” you’ve already lost a chunk of potential sales.
    Again, this is another place to be A/B testing (button text, colors, number of offers, etc.). Test just one thing at a time and measure.
    The second part of easy conversion is your website. Do you have great landing pages to send your buyers? Is the product information on this page clear? Do your big CTAs carry over onto your website and make it simple to “Add to Cart” and then check out with ease? A great website is essential to the success of any email marketing campaign, so make sure you can say yes to all of these questions.
  5. Measure and Improve
    Testing your subject line is only one small piece of the measure and analyze process. Track your email clicks so you know what content and images are drawing the most engagement. In addition to the tracking and reporting of your email marketing software, you can also measure the effectiveness of email marketing with Google UTM tracking if you use Google Analytics.
    Experiment with A/B testing on primary/secondary offers, featured products, color scheme, image size, shape of buttons, etc. Keep track of your results in a spreadsheet so you can implement what works in future emails and see what changes over time.

Remember, effective email marketing is all about the Right Offer, at the Right Time to the Right Person.

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