5 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

It’s hard to imagine that your business hasn’t changed in the past three years so why would you ever ignore one of your best marketing opportunities?

According to Forrester Research, over 70% of U.S. online consumers already have researched products online.

Times change and the techniques you used 10 years ago won’t get you anywhere today. Technology is constantly evolving and so should your website design.

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website:

  1. Your website doesn’t reflect your brand.
    If you are like most other companies, you cannot afford to be stagnant. If I asked you about your company in person, would I be able to experience the same on your website? Your website is your brand. It’s your 24/7 marketing machine. The big question is… Does it reflect your current brand? If not, what are you waiting for? Your brand is represented by every touch point your potential customers have with you, and your website is a key place for researching your company.
  2. Your website doesn’t make it clear what you want the visitor to do.
    Do you sell products online? Are you trying to generate leads for your sales team? How well does your site lead to conversions? If I visited your website, would you give me a clear action to do something? Is it easy to sign up to your blog, download a white paper or add a product to the shopping cart? You need strong calls-to-action (CTAs) located on every page above the fold (meaning don’t make your visitors scroll down to see the CTA because they likely won’t).
    Here’s a tip. Google Analytics can track site statistics to know and understand where traffic is coming from, what pages people visit and what page they were on when they exited. This can give you a good idea if you’re using the right kind of content or if you’re missing the mark.
  3. Your website lacks social plugins, commenting and sharing capabilities.
    Do you have “like us on Facebook”, “follow us on Twitter” or “subscribe to us on YouTube” icons on your website? The social web is one of the biggest WOM marketing opportunities on the planet. During 2012, it’s estimated that Facebook will surpass one billion members and at least half of those members login to Facebook at least once every day. People live in the social world. So should your brand.
    Make it easy for visitors to converse with your brand and converse with others who are talking about you. It’s all about engaging with people and letting them have a voice. It should also be easy for visitors to share your content. If you have something share-worthy (which shouldn’t be a question of if), let your visitors be your promoters.
  4. Your website has a poor layout and navigation.
    When I land on your website do I understand where to click? Do you make it easy for me to find what I need? Or are there links going everywhere that just frustrate me to the point that I give up and leave? If you’re not laying down the breadcrumbs and making it easy for me to navigate pages and understand what I should be getting out of each page, you’re confusing me. You have all this great content and products. Make sure your visitors get the chance to see it and buy it.
    Tip: Know your visitors and what they might be looking for. What does your prospective buyer look for? Do you make it easy for them? What about your existing customers? They sometimes have a different need. You need to understand what each type of visitor to your website is looking for and make it easy for them to find it.
  5. Your website lacks personality.
    Is your sales rep likeable? Does she tell a story? Is she interesting? When she speaks, is it actually enjoyable? A website that lack personality is boring. It makes people not want to spend time on it. Hopefully, you are writing in second person (using “you”, not your company name) to describe yourself and your offerings.
    Behind every company is a person or a team of people. Do you connect with your website visitors or does the content on your website read like Wikipedia?  People buy from people and your customers trust your brand.
    Tell an interesting short story, have a theme and use visuals, or I will become bored quickly. Give your visitors something compelling to make them come back. For example, epipheo.com creates stories for their clients, and their website is just that… a story that exhibits their personality (much like their representatives). Not to mention their website is the longest scrolling site I have ever seen.

Bonus reason – If your website is still designed for 800 pixels wide (narrow) or it’s flushed left. Guess what? It’s not 2005 anymore. Geocities.com is shut down. It’s time to update your website.

Update Your Website!
If you had to second guess your website in any of these areas, don’t wait. It’s time for a redesign. Your website is often the first impression of your brand. Are you portraying who you want to be? Don’t ruin a chance to convert those visitors into loyal customers.

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