5 Quick Tips to Improve Website Conversions

If you decided to go on a virtual field trip through the corporate sites of the biggest companies in America, you might be amazed if you could stay awake. You’d think by now corporations would have realized their online visitors don’t want to read marketing-speak, testaments to the brand or letters from the chief executive.

If you are sick of websites full of meaningless blather, your customers probably are, too.

So do something about it!

Scan your website and eliminate jargon and marketing-speak, then deploy these tips:

  1. Make Sure Search Engines Can Find You
    You have to be found before you can convert anyone. Search engines are your audience as much as humans, so incorporate lots of good keywords into your title tags, heading tags and copy. Pick keywords that are not only relevant but also popular with search engine users. Put the keywords near the top of the page, such as in the first sentence, and in your headings. Don’t waste this prime space with “Welcome to our Website”.
  2. Speak Directly to Your Users
    Use “you” and “your” at least five times more than “we” and “our”. Your customers are interested in what’s in it for them. Plus, it makes your website feel more personal.
  3. Cut to the Chase
    People scan web pages, they don’t read them, and they read at least 30% slower on screen than on paper. Bold important points and use lists and bullets to help make the important stuff stand out. Remember, short chunky content is best. Use active verbs rather than passive ones. It saves words and is more persuasive.
  4. Don’t Over-Hype
    Avoid exclamation marks and words like “premier”, “leading” and “cutting-edge”. In other words, keep it real. Whether you are considered cutting-edge or not, toting yourself as such isn’t believable. It just makes you sound like a conceited sales person.
  5. Use Clear Calls-To-Action
    Convert your online visitors into customers by inviting them to act. Every page should have a clear call-to-action to get your visitors to take the next step.

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