3 Reasons Why Google+ for Business Could Replace Other Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been successful in gaining customer access and raising businesses’ brand awareness more than ever before. We’ve all read the stories about how it has created a huge opportunity for business success but it has also introduced many new challenges for our customers.Acumium customers by the numbers:

  • 82% have a Facebook page
  • 67% have a LinkedIn profile
  • 66% have a Twitter account

Though many companies are on social media platforms, most are not effectively leveraging social media for a number of reasons:  lack of know-how; not enough time or resources; plain old fear of what might happen.  With the introduction of Google+, businesses will need to understand social media resources more than before. So how is the inevitable addition of Google+ business pages going to be any different?

Well for one reason, Google brings some maturity to the game. They’ve learned some valuable lessons on their own (Google Buzz snafu, hint hint) and are able to build on what’s working, thanks to the other social media platforms successes. The key lesson learned was to take time and listen to the the virtual community and create a collaborative platform.  This could ultimately drive businesses to choose Google+ over the others, unlike the failed Google Buzz.

However, which social media platform you pursue should depend on where your target customers are, although with the rapid adoption of Google+ by end users, we all may have to make that decision sooner than later.


Benefits of Google+ to Businesses:

1. Better “Find-ability” – Google+ content can be indexed by search engines if you allow it to.
Unlike closed networks such as Facebook, you can mark posts as “public”. Just as in any case with SEO, your posts must contain enough content so Google’s algorithm deems your content to be unique.

2. Broader “Reach-ability” – Your posts can be broadcast to all of your contacts despite their membership with Google+.  Again, unlike closed networks, your network isn’t limited to only those who belong to Google+. Your posts can be circulated via email to those who haven’t signed up.

3. Richer “Connect-ability” – Free video conferencing! Face it, pictures are worth more than 1000 words and what a better way to connect than through video. Google+ hangouts allow up to 10 people to chat face-to-face and even share content. The limit on attendees does hamper your ability to hold larger webinars or press conferences, but is another useful option to bring people in multiple locations together.

Tip: Get ready and start prepping for the full business-focused launch with a simple step: Add + 1 to your website. To learn how visit:

For additional help and social media best practices, contact Acumium at 608-310-9700.

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