12 Ways to Increase Website Engagement

Are you engaging your website visitors?

Have you built a strong relationship that will lead to positive word of mouth marketing?

Do your offers keep shoppers returning to buy again?

Engaging with your visitors keeps them coming back time and again which can lead to increased lifetime customer value. This is important because studies show that it costs up to 6-7 times more to acquire new customers over retaining existing ones.

There are two ways you can engage customers: keep them engaged while on your site and incent them to come back and engage with you again. How do you do that? Here are 12 ways to increase website engagement.

  1. Implement an Omni-Channel Strategy
    Omni-channel marketing is a seamless approach to customer experience across all sales channels. When engaging with customers, it is important to understand this concept and to treat customers consistently across all channels, whether on the phone, in the store or online.
  2. Merchandise
    Display sale items, best sellers and new products prominently on your site. This suggests you are providing value to customers and will keep them coming back to see what may have changed.
  3. Offer Interactive Tools
    Tools make the buying process easier for customers. Interactive tools that allow customers to design a product, personalize a product or visualize how products will fit together keep customers on your site longer and help them make the decision to buy.
  4. Create Engaging and Personalized Content
    Your content should be interesting. Consider offering product videos, how-to guides, reviews, FAQs or links to blog articles. Take it a step further by personalizing the content you offer with suggested products, previously viewed items or personalized offers based on customer login.
  5. Promote Online Email Signup
    Email is often the sales channel with the highest conversion and customer retention rates. Segmentation is critical to increase the level of engagement. Offer email preference settings on your signup page, such as offer type and frequency, so customers segment themselves for you.
  6. Develop an Email Marketing Program
    Emails can be event driven (back in stock, product reorder, abandoned cart, review solicitation) or marketing driven (discounts, promotions, new products). Consider every one of these emails a customer touch point that must include optimized content and offers.
  7. Start Loyalty Programs and Birthday Clubs
    These programs allow you to gather detailed data about your audience and grow your email lists. For the customer, these programs offer incentives that encourage them to come back and buy.
  8. Give Daily or Weekly Deals
    Daily and weekly deals are a great way to promote repeat customers. Make sure you offer a way for customers to be notified about your deals and to easily share them with others.
  9. Use Online Chat and Be Online Often
    Offering online chat can greatly reduce your number of abandoned carts. Beyond that, studies show that you don’t even have to chat with a customer to keep them engaged. By simply seeing chat is online, customers hang around the site up to 50% longer.
  10. Offer Social Media Sharing
    Social sharing should be available on your site and be easy to use. Studies show that engaged social consumers spend more. We are also more likely to buy products when our friends share the reason they bought or pass along a discount.
  11. Implement Retargeting
    This is an easy way to get customers to come back and buy. Retargeting ads specifically target individuals who visit your site but don’t buy. Visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert on your website.
  12. Give a Cross-Device Experience
    Studies from Google have shown that 67% of online shopping is completed using more than one device. Make it easy for customers to transition their shopping experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Does Your Website Offer These Tactics?
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