10 Ad Writing Tips for Ecommerce

Writing search engine PPC ads for your eCommerce website can be a pain. A limit of 95 characters (including the headline) is not a whole lot, so efficiency is key. Here are ten tips that could help you write compelling and highly converting ads.

  1. Include Branding – Why sacrifice valuable ad space for brand name instead of product details? No ad is clicked every time it is seen. On the contrary, click through rates of 1-2% are common. This means that 98 out of 100 times your ad is shown but not clicked; 98 missed opportunities. Including your brand name in the ad will assure brand exposure every time your ad comes up. The best place for branding is in the headline because it is the most prominent spot.
  2. Use Action Words – This is especially important for eCommerce websites. Including words like ‘buy’ or ‘shop’ makes it clear that your ad is an eCommerce ad and that you are trying to sell a product. This should help prevent people that are only looking for information from clicking your ad. This will save you money because by not paying for clicks that don’t convert.
  3. Include Prices/Promotions – Including price and promotion can not only give the customer a fair view of what he can expect on the website, but also will keep people away who don’t wish to purchase for the given price. This saves you money on clicks that you could invest somewhere else, thus contributing to a better conversion rate.
  4. Capitalize Words – Capitalizing the first letter of every word in your ad draws the customer’s attention and makes your ad more readable.
  5. Link to Relevant Landing Pages – A relevant landing page might not so much influence click through rate, but it does influence the relevancy of the ad, and thus, the cost of your clicks. Using more relevant landing pages will also decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rate.
  6. Use All Advertising Space – You are given 95 characters, so you should use as many of those 95 characters as you can. TIP: If you use the right action words (buy/shop), adding words like ‘today’ or ‘now’ can give your ad that extra convincing power.
  7. Include Keywords in Ad Copy – Make sure your ads include some of the words you are bidding on. This increases relevancy/quality score and decreases your price per click.
  8. Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) – DKI is a technique that inserts that search query into your ad. This makes your ad more relevant and more appealing to your customer. If you are using DKI, ignore tip 6 and leave some extra room for longer search queries.
  9. Include Special Characters – Use (+), (*) and (%) where applicable to make the ads stand out. Trademark (™), copyright (©) and registered (®) symbols all build trust. Seeing these can make the searcher more likely to click on your ad over a competitor.
  10. Don’t Forget Punctuation – Adding periods and exclamation marks are also a best practice while writing ad copy. Keep in mind you can only use one exclamation mark per ad and using punctuation at the end of the first description line optimizes the ad when in the top spot because description one gets pulled up behind the headline.

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