5 Ways to Create a Sizzling Summer Email Campaign

Everyone loves summer. Great weather, beach trips, camping, fairs and cookouts. Don’t let the appeal of the outdoors keep your customers from checking their emails during the next few months. Summer offers endless opportunities to engage with your customers, so join in on the seasonal fun …

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5 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement

When used correctly, Facebook can provide a perfect platform for genuine interaction with your customers. Interaction leads to useful feedback, strong customer relationships and brand awareness. When your customers engage with you on Facebook, their small network becomes exposed, and then those small networks become …

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10 Things to Consider When Choosing an eCommerce Platform

Choosing Ecommerce Platform

Your website isn’t performing, the platform isn’t user-friendly and it’s time for an upgrade.
From low-cost open source platforms to robust feature-rich platforms with all the bells and whistles, once you start researching new platforms, you’ll find a wide variety of options.
How do you weed through …

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